About A Command of Her Own


Caitlin is an overall nerd who enjoys video games, podcasts, books, comic books and movies. Basically anything that tells a good story or, in the case of podcasts, features good people talking about good stories. Caitlin also goes to a lot of conventions and has slept out by the marina in San Diego for entrance into Hall H.
New to the Star Trek scene she is excited to watch a sci-fi show that has women of colour main characters.
Cait or Caitlin? You will notice that I introduce myself (yes, I switched tenses) as Caitlin but Jenn calls me Cait. I honestly do not know what causes some people to call me one thing and some to call me the other but I honestly have no preference between the two. As long as you spell it “Cait.”
I do not enjoy any form of my name that resembles “Katie.” Just don’t.

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Jenn is a geek who enjoys tabletop gaming, podcasts, books, tv shows, and movies. Jenn has been a faithful Trek fan despite her early recurring nightmares featuring a Gorn and Barbie dolls. She’s cautiously optimistic that the new show will continue in Star Trek’s tradition of progressive sci-fi that maintains an optimistic vision of what is possible in the future. And also that it will revitalize the Star Trek universe and expand the fan base so that there is even more Star Trek. You’ll notice that she goes by Jenn but Jennifer is also fine. Whatever you do, just make sure to spell it with both ‘n’s.

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The Friendship

Jenn and Cait have known each other for some years (???) and both live in suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. They met through participation in NaNoWriMo and both enjoy writing stories as well as devouring them.
Despite living relatively close to one another they hardly ever see each other and interact mostly on Twitter. Because life. Also there’s a river separating us.

The Podcast

As a long time Star Trek fan, I was immediately inspired by the initial trailer launched for Star Trek: Discovery and the overwhelming positive response I witnessed from scores of women rejoicing at the focus on two main female characters. In that trailer, Captain Georgiou tells Michael Burnham that she thought it was time for her to have her own command. Those words seemed to speak to me, as I’m sure they did to scores of other women. It seemed fitting to use the phrase “A Command of Her Own” as both the name of my media company and its first podcast.

A Command of Her Own will be producing podcasts about Star Trek, feminism, gaming, and my other interests.